It’s just good

There are some people that just do Instagram VERY well – it should be their job.  You all know that Stephanie and I love Instagram and post photos like crazy people, but you guys – if it’s possible – I’ve become even more addicted in the last 2 weeks.  I can’t stop browsing, liking, posting and sharing photos.  I’ve started following 30+ people in a two week span, when previously I was only following around 80 total.  These people are just good.  I thought I’d share some of my current favorite Instagram users with you (links below).  I only chose 1 photo per person, but please check out their profiles – they are amazing:

@silverspies // @carly__ // @mariebee // @sacredlotus // @maybeweforgot // @halfgirl // @jonacat // @taylorhoff // @oanabefort // @tayloroctober // @fleurliz // @nioniodesign // @dearleila // @amerrymishap // @carmynjoy

You can also follow Stephanie (@stephanie_may) or myself (@stormierhoades) if you so desire:)