I quit Mr. White.

Here’s the deal:  I thought I wanted to participate in the Photo A Day challenge that everyone else was doing on Instagram (@stormierhoades in case you want to follow).  Yep, I gave in to peer pressure.

I went 23 days with the project, and now I’m quitting.  Yeah – there are only 6 days left, but I’ve completely lost interest and I’m not really in love with any of the photo prompts for the next couple of days so I figure, why force it?  I just looked through my photos from the last 23 days and I really only liked 10 of them…not too great a track record.

Super in love with my new nautical purse.

Teeny tiny paper cranes.

Wanna guess what the word was that I was drawing?

T-shirt thrifted for $0.99 – bomb.

I think the Photo A Day challenges are great for people who need a little prompting with their photography, but I take enough photos on Instagram as it is – it wasn’t really necessary for me.  Have you ever done one?  What did you think?