While you were sleeping.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?  Bad?  Okay so the good news is……

I kid, I kid.  Bad news is that we won’t be posting any photos from our sister’s wedding for a few days.  We know, you all have murderous thoughts toward us right now – but sadly, I hardly took any photos this weekend because Stephanie and I were both too busy getting photos taken of us to do much ourselves.  We want to wait until the professional photos come in so we can show you some truly amazing ones – because, let’s be honest, the wedding was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  Seriously fantastic…so much fun and the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to.

I’ll give you one teaser – and if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably already seen it so it won’t be that exciting to you.  Admit it though, you’re a cheap date – anything thrills you. {only joking, I love you!}

{Bridesmaid dresses}

Time spent with family was like a little mini vacation and we are so sad to see everyone go home.  We were able to spend Thanksgiving as well as the rest of the weekend with our friends, family and also our now-brother-in-law’s family who are also AMAZING.  We are trying very hard {but probably not succeeding} to convince them to move here from Florida.  We’ll let you know how that goes…

And now for the good news.  You finally get to see some of my house!

I have been so horrible with posting any photos of my house besides very small bits and pieces like my kitchen nook or the chimney.  You’ve also of course seen my closet because it is my pride and joy but because I haven’t felt like anything is “finished”, I haven’t wanted to post any photos.  Today, however, you get to see a bigger section…almost an entire room.  I say almost because I didn’t really take any wide angle shots of the whole thing and I think I missed a wall completely, but there’s not really anything on it so don’t be too disappointed.

My bedroom has been the last place in the house to get anything hung on the walls.  I’ve put more of my focus on the main rooms (even though those are not “finished” either).  With company coming into town and family that hadn’t seen my house yet, I made my room a priority and finally hung some art.  And I. Love. It.

This is “in progress” because I am planning to paint the walls and strip the dark stain off of the floors soon as well as other things, but it makes it so much  more enjoyable to be in my room now that I have some of my favorite pieces hung.  So without further ado, here is my bedroom:

I apologize that the bed is barely made – and to be quite honest, this is my least favorite photo because my coat rack that usually holds all 50 million of my scarves in the corner is missing due to being used for the wedding, which leaves a huge bare spot.  The purpose of this photo is just to show you where everything is in relation to my bed.  Please don’t judge me from this photo alone.  Thanks, I knew you’d understand.

This is my favorite part of the room by far – the view from my bed.  Closet on the right, bathroom on the left.

Don’t hate on the antlers, they make me oh-so-happy.

Like I’ve said before – I prefer to think of it as more of a collection as opposed to an obsession.

*sigh* I love this wall.

So there you go.  Now when you think of me, you will be able to picture where I am.  In a totally non-weird way…