A space made for 3

I felt so inspired by this post on Design Sponge, I HAD to tell you about it here.  These are Before and After photos of a kids’ bedroom, but not just any bedroom – it is a small bedroom that is shared by THREE young kids.  Meg Spaeth’s blog, Elsie Marley is the original source of this design goodness.  I was so excited to see this because, all 3 of my kids share a bedroom, and that is not something that you see very often!  It can be very hard to find good examples of shared rooms for more than 2 children, and I think that this room is incredible, special, and just plain fun:)

The loft bed!!  Love it:)

Such a cute surprise when the drawers are pulled out!

The animal heads on the wall are such a cute and colorful touch.  And I love the map!

The whole transformation was done for $250!  You can see even more photos of the space and read about the makeover here & here.  Thank you Meg for inspiring me so much!  You have definitely found a new reader in me:)