Sing a song of my purple past

I’m missing Manhattan today.  I love that city so much, and I wish that I could be there right now.  When Dae and I visited 3 months ago, we went to Anthropologie on West 15th Street on our first day there.  It was gorgeous – tons of natural light, creative displays, and 2 floors worth of printed fabric, colorful dishes, and vintage furniture.  These are a few photos that I snapped while we were there.  The employees didn’t seem to mind…much.

I love love love these antique printing press drawers!  Oh, and the dish towels, and the numbers, and the oven mitts, and the cups.

Anthropologie has this unique way of taking the most ordinary (sometimes ugly) things, and making you look at them in a whole new light.  If you’ve never visited one of these stores in person – go now!  I beg you, I urge you!  Photos really don’t do it justice.

Adore this.

Meanwhile, my current hopes for this weekend:

——————————Create something beautiful out of something “ugly”.

—————————————Scour the flea market with friends and take lots of photos.  (SO excited!)

—————–Iced coffee – lots of it.

——————————–Discover new favorite music that I never knew existed.  (any recommendations?)

What are your plans this weekend?  An Anthro visit perhaps?