And at the end, there will be a cliched song lyric.

Today has been one of those mornings – the kind where you wake up late but desperately need to stop by Starbucks on your way to work and upon arriving at said work…your brain kicks in and you remember that you didn’t write and/or even think of ideas to blog about for the day.  Do you ever have mornings like that?  Well apparently I do, and this morning has been one of them.  However rushed my day has been so far, I am actually in good spirits because it’s Friday and my half day at work and who wouldn’t be in a good mood because of that??

Today – happiness is in the form of the Fall 2010 collection from J. Crew that was inspired by none other than Edie Bouvier Beale of whom Stephanie May* and I have a slight love for(read – obsession).  Grey Gardens anyone?

Edith is inspiring and I think this collection is pretty brilliant.  It may just have to be my model for Fall fashion this year.

Yep, it’s settled…it’s Friday and I’m in love.