ZigZag. Two big Z’s, two little G’s.

Missoni is coming to Target!!  I’m sure you’ve heard that already, but I completely forgot about this little tidbit of goodness until I saw another ad for it in my Vogue magazine last night.  I can’t wait!  There are so many incredible patterns to choose from on items ranging from clothing to office supplies and storage. {Sorry for the photo quality, it’s pretty crappy}.

I will definitely be getting a new make-up bag, LOVE these!

These curtains make me salivate…especially since I want to paint some of the walls in my kitchen with this exact pattern.

The absolutle BEST part of the collection and if I didn’t already have a pretty pretty cruiser bike – you better believe I would be sporting one of these!

{Photo Source}

The line will launch at Target on September 13…I am crossing my fingers that our Target will be carrying it!


Stormie Dae