Oh…it’s that day.

This is a joke, right?  There is no way it’s already May 1st…I refuse to believe it.

Stephanie May and hubby are back tomorrow – yay!  I’m sure they are not quite ready to come back (except for those sweet kids of course) but I don’t think I could handle it if they stayed in Europe any longer.  I am desperate to see photos…absolutely desperate.  And I’m hoping Stephanie will at least bring me back some coffee (pssst…..there’s still time to grab some for me Steph).


I don’t really know what happened this week, it’s been absolutely insane.  So much work, so much time hanging with family, so much time laying on the couch because of a monster migraine, so much time hauling new free toys like bass cabinets and entertainment units back to my house.

On top of this, I’ve got a busy week coming up as well with graduations, baby showers and birthday parties to attend.  Not to mention (except I’m going to), that I’m heading to Honduras on Sunday for a week with Compassion International.  I’m excited to be able to travel and hang out with my dad down there and see the amazing things that this ministry does; it’s going to be awesome.  Have I packed?  Not a bit – and that’s where I’m headed now in fact.

Happy non-May Day…it’s still April.