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Etsy Picks:  Oh Deer

Etsy Picks: Oh Deer

Hi friends!  We’re back in the saddle and ready to start another week – how about you? We mostly sell vintage in our shop, but we would love to start introducing more handmade items (yay!).  We are fortunate to have a shop alongside so many…

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Etsy Picks:  Valentine’s Day Fashion

Etsy Picks: Valentine’s Day Fashion

Hooray for V-day!  Last Monday we did our Etsy Picks about Valentine’s Day Parties, and today we are bringing you some pretty pretty love-day fashion.  We all know how important it is to look and feel your best for Valentine’s Day – regardless of relationship…

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Etsy Picks:  Valentine’s Day Party

Etsy Picks: Valentine’s Day Party

Happy Monday friends!  After taking a break from Etsy Picks last Monday, we are back and excited to get into Valentine’s Day Party inspiration.  We know that V-day school parties are popular things, but wouldn’t it be cool if more adults gathered together and had…

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Etsy Picks:  Hats

Etsy Picks: Hats

Hello and happy Monday friends!  We (the sisters, May & Dae) are finally getting some snow to frolic in after a long winter with 40-50 degree weather.  We wouldn’t dream of going out into the cold without a cute hat atop our heads, and we…

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Etsy Picks:  Grey

Etsy Picks: Grey

Hi-ho Monday.  It is very chilly here in Colorado – the skies are a lovely shade of grey, and it’s a nice change of pace since we have about 300 sunny days a year.  We (the sisters May & Dae) both love the color grey,…

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Etsy Picks:  Winter Wedding

Etsy Picks: Winter Wedding

Hello everyone!  How was your Christmas weekend?  We hope it was good and nice:)  Today is a very exciting day for me (Stephanie May), because it is my wedding anniversary!  I have been married to my husband Tristan (I love you!) for 9 whole years….

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Etsy Picks:  Little Women

Etsy Picks: Little Women

Today’s Etsy Picks are all about one of our favorite holiday movies:  Little Women It’s hard to believe that we were only 12 (May) and 8 (Dae) years old when this movie came out in December 1994.  We totally remember going to the local mall…

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Etsy Picks:  Bows

Etsy Picks: Bows

Happy Monday friends!  Are you completely relaxed and waiting for Christmas to get here, or maybe just a little frazzled and running around like a crazy person?  We (the sisters, May & Dae) are still very busy shopping, baking, and decorating, and we will probably…

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Etsy Picks:  Christmas Party Wears

Etsy Picks: Christmas Party Wears

Got a Christmas party coming up soon?  We are looking to try something new and creative this year, and have some fun with our clothes and accessories!  Whether the party is a formal business party, or a casual cookie & cocoa party, we hope to…

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Etsy Picks:  ELF

Etsy Picks: ELF

Happy Cyber Monday friends!  Are you busy busy busy this week?  We hope that you can take some time out to enjoy the simple things – like a good Christmas movie perhaps?   We (the sisters, May & Dae) had a jam-packed and fun weekend, and…

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