Things found in the garage

Or maybe this post would be more appropriately titled, “Things now found in my home”.

While Stephanie May was stranded at Starbucks on Saturday – don’t you feel so sorry for her?;) – she called me and let me know about the splendid garage sales she mentioned here.  I was with our other sister at the time, so we decided that after we were done shopping for exciting things like a shop vac, rake and weed wacker, we would head over to check out the sales as well – and I am SO glad we did.

My loot.

I spent $26 total and this is what I got:

I am pretending that this is for the nieces and nephews…but I see myself playing it more than them.  What?..that’s allowed.

Some darling vintage pins and this lovely necklace that I am SO excited to wear…and I don’t know why but I kind of love this “Happy Birthday Candle” – I may just have to use it for my firstborn child and burn it down each year until they are 21…we’ll see if I am that on top of things when I have kids:)

Plastic jewelry box, the most lovely metal tray that reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, a large box of blocks, tablecloth and napkins, floral painting, and a Canon AE-1 camera

I also bought a fabric steamer but it is brand new and not very pretty to photograph.  I am really excited to use it though because Stephanie and I are always needing one to steam our vintage dresses – you have to be gentle with those, you know?  This will make it SO much easier!

Our sister, Tredessa, bought this which provided quite a bit of laughter while we tried to answer the questions:

One of my favorite questions that we came across is #4 which says, “What would you do with cappucino?”…Answer: “Drink it”.  The funny thing is that I answered that as a joke and I was right!  I guess in 1983(when the game was made), kids wouldn’t be so apt to know what a cappucino is.  Crazy, huh?  Some other jewels from the game were:

“Delicious, McIntosh, Yellow Transparent are all kinds of – – – -?” Answer: “Apples”  Ummmmm…is “apples” only 4 letters?!

“What can happen to your gold fish if you keep tapping on the tank?” Answer: “It can get a headache”  Can we say, opinion?  Oh and also, not true?  This one cracked me up!  Maybe in 1983 there were a lot of issues with kids tapping the glass of fish tanks.  Thank goodness that phase is over!

I ♥ garage sales.

Love love!

Stormie Dae