The Shoe Project

Happiest Friday to you!  Stephanie and I had a VERY productive day yesterday and took lots of new product photos for our shop…SO very cute!  We also had some amazing smothered burritos, and took advantage of happy hour at Starbucks…successful AND delicious afternoon?  Heck yes!

I love shoes…I know, shocker right?

After moving into my new house and having these amazing shelves to display my shoes on(still makes me happy every time I open my closet, btw) – I realized that some of my shoes don’t get out much.  I get into spurts where I wear the same shoes over and over and the others just sit there, chillin until they are lucky enough to be chosen.  So instead of just accepting the fact that some of my shoes are the unfortunate ones, I am going to do something about it.  So without further ado, I present to you:

Sounds legit, right?  So…the name technically has nothing to do with what I’m actually doing – Stephanie and I just bought some shoes for a our shop a few weeks ago and the brand was “Cobbie Cuddlers”.  For whatever reason, it tickled my fancy and I told Stephanie that from now on, I’m going to call all of my shoes “Cobbie Cuddlers”, thus making my feet the ‘Cobbie’ that needs to be cuddled.  Okay seriously, I have no idea what this means…but it’s slightly amusing if not terribly funny, no?

So the plan is this – to get all of my shoes their fair share of feet time.  I counted 50 pairs of shoes on my shelf, which equals 7 weeks of wearing a different pair of shoes everyday.  I started today, and the plan is that every Friday – I will post photos of the previous weeks shoes and outfits so that all of my shoes are worn at least once in the next coming weeks.  This will also hopefully get me to start caring more about what I wear to work, because I will have to take a photo of myself everyday.  I work in a dark office of cubicles and never have to deal with clients, so showing up with no make-up and in jeans and a hoodie is perfectly acceptable.  It is also what most of my work days look like because I have to get up so early and am too lazy to get up earlier to make myself “presentable”.  I usually only wear make-up on the weekends or at night if I have plans.  I figure this project will not only help my shoes to get out on the town, but will help me to let all my cute clothes out as well:)

So next Friday, I will show you all the shoes I am wearing from today through Thursday.  I am excited for this project and have decided that if I discover that any of my shoes are absolutely too uncomfortable to ever wear again, I will get rid of them.  I think I can handle to lose a few pairs, don’t you?  Join in if you want – this could be fun for all!

Happy shoe-wearing!!


Stormie Dae