Cobbie Cuddlers Friday Part 9

Are you ready for shoe overload?  This past week was the end of Cobbie Cuddlers – I have finally made it through every pair of shoes in my closet.  It only took 9 weeks too! ;)  My goal was to wear a different pair of shoes everyday until all of my shoes had been worn.  I almost made it everyday…but there were definitely a few days that I wore repeats or didn’t wear shoes at all.

For a recap, click on the link below each picture to see that full week in review:

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And for the last week, part 9 – a little back story.  I sprained my ankle pretty bad in a car accident a couple of years ago and I am just now getting it back to being able to wear my very high heels – I definitely don’t wear heels everyday so I was happy that I could actually last full days, multiple days in a row.  Until Friday.  I was leaving work and looking at my phone(which I shouldn’t have been) and I stepped on a crack wrong and twisted said previously sprained ankle.  Ouch.  I wore as many heels as I could this week, but I also needed to give my ankle a rest so it isn’t messed up permanently.  As a result, I sadly had 4 pairs of heels that so far have not been worn…but I’ll show them to you anyway at the end of this post:

Day 57 – Friday: Work and dinner with the sister and her boyfriend – cutout wedges

Day 58 – Saturday: Coffee date with nephew, Gavin, for his birthday – Pumas

Day 59 – Sunday: Church, band practice and music festival meeting – woven platforms

Day 60 – Monday: Work and dinner with the parentals – rest day for the ankle so comfortable/sturdy shoes

Day 61 – Tuesday: Meeting, work, power outage – vintage lace up flats

Day 62 – Wednesday: Work, youth group – glitter Oxfords

Day 63 – Thursday: Work and a very restful night – also a rest day for the ankle

And the heels that didn’t make the cut but that I adore nonetheless and will wear soon anyway:

I started with 53 pairs of shoes…I definitely bought a few during the course of the last 9 weeks.  BUT, I am also getting rid of 9 pairs…so I am ending up with 49.  Not a huge change, but I am adding some shoes that I absolutely LOVE!  Any opinion on which of my shoes are your favorite?  I know there are a lot to choose from…:)

And fin.

Stormie Dae