Cobbie Cuddlers Friday Part 6

This week has felt so insanely busy…but really good actually.  I feel like I’m losing steam with the whole shoe project.  Not the actual wearing different ones each day part, just the photographing and also getting full-body pictures.  I haven’t been in the mood lately to actually get ready each day for photos, so I haven’t been.  This whole process has been good for me though…in general, I feel better each day having at least put a little thought into what I’m wearing and how I’m doing my hair – even when I don’t get around to doing my make-up.  It’s nice to spend time on those things sometimes:)

Day 36 – Friday: Work and hanging out with friends, a little basketball thrown in…it’s okay to play “Horse” in sandals – strappy roman sandals

Day 37 – Saturday: Garage sales and family birthday celebrations – pointy-toed zipper flats(that turned my feet black)

Day 38 – Sunday: Summer music festival work day and hanging around the house – barefoot

Day 39 – Monday: Work, dinner with a friend and house cleaning and decorating night – Adidas graffiti shoes

Day 40 – Tuesday: Work and dinner with a lovely out-of-town guest – green “peter pan” flats

Day 41 – Wednesday: Work and fundraiser dinner – black platform heels

Day 42 – Thursday: Work and packing for Chicago – teal low-top converse

38 pairs of shoes worn so far…no idea how many are left.  I started out with 53 but I’ve bought a few pairs since then…can’t help myself.  At this point, it’s looking like I still have 3 weeks to go….we are two-thirds done people!  And then I will decide which shoes I want to get rid of…because I can’t possibly keep them all and I’m realizing that there are some I will most likely never wear again anyway, so someone else deserves to have them.

I am leaving today to head to Chicago for the weekend…family reunion time baby!  Do you have family reunions?  What is the best place you’ve ever had one?


Stormie Dae