Chicken Dinner…

No, this post is not about what I consumed for dinner tonight (although I did have chicken).  Do you remember this post from back in August?  Stephanie and I had a “friendly bet” going on which pair of these shoes from our shop would sell first.

Stephanie was betting on the yellow pair (ick) and I said the brown pair.  Well folks, tonight is an epic night and I’ll tell you why.  The brown, yes brown, shoes have been sold to a LOVELY lady in California.  What an amazing Friday it has been!  Yes…I am just slightly rubbing this in Steph’s face – I can’t help it.

Meanwhile, Stephanie and I are attending the AMC Theatres Best Picture Showcase for the third year in a row tomorrow.  This year, we decided to hit up both weekends so tomorrow we will view 4 of the Best Picture nominated movies back-to-back and next Saturday we will see the remaining 5.  Phew – it’s going to be an insane couple of weekends but I think we’re ready for it…we know, we’re kind of crazy sometimes but movies are in our blood – we can’t get enough (I’ll let you know if we’re still saying that after next weekend).

Have a fantastic weekend…oh and I did I tell you I won our bet? ;-)