Baring my sole.

Yesterday I went barefoot for the entire day.  I spent the whole day at work barefoot-my lunch hour and walking back and forth from my car barefoot-I went to band practice barefoot.  As much as I loved running my neighborhood streets barefoot as a child, I wasn’t without shoes yesterday just because I felt like freeing my toes for the day.  TOMS shoe company led a nationwide campaign called One Day Without Shoes to raise awareness about the impact a single pair of shoes can have on a child’s life.  TOMS shoes was founded to provide children in 3rd world countries with shoes to reduce the risk of disease and promote their general well-being.  The TOMS concept is that for every pair of shoes you buy(or other items like shirts and stickers), they will give one pair of shoes to a child who would otherwise live a barefoot life.

So yesterday I took off my shoes, my comfort, and my privileged American mentality…and helped to promote awareness that in other countries, there are millions of people who don’t have the choice of which cute tennis shoes or heels or flip-flops they should wear each day.  They don’t even have the option to wear shoes at all.  I love what TOMS is doing as a company, and not only do they give away hundreds of thousands of shoes each year, but their shoes are comfortable, quality work and last for a very long time, which is so important when you consider that these are the shoes they are giving to children in need.  There are so many different ways to help children in less fortunate countries, this is just one of them – and this is how I helped yesterday.   

I was lucky enough to find a brand new pair of TOMS at a thrift store last year for $3 and they still look and feel brand new(mine are like the blue and white striped ones below).

In addition to taking off my shoes, I also donned a super cute t-shirt to promote One Day Without Shoes.

An extremely talented and creative(also SUPER cute!) friend of mine, Hannah, has multiple pairs of TOMS and she and her husband have taken some AWESOME pictures of theirs which she is so graciously allowing me to post.  Thanks Hannah!!

I heart heart heart this picture.


I love TOMS.  I love the look of TOMS, I love the feel of TOMS, I love the heart of TOMS.