Spring in my step.

There is supposed to be more snow in Denver tomorrow.  Sad face.

I really am over the snow and this whole extended Winter crap.  Spring and Fall are my seasons.  Still cool enough to wear layers but not so cold that your eyes freeze the moment you step outside or so hot that you melt on the sidewalk.  Summer and Winter are no bueno and I’ve had enough.  The snow…needs to stay away.  The remnants from the last storm we had finally just melted from my yard – but alas, the forecast is for more snow the next two days.  I’m hoping the weathermen keep up their habit of being wrong.

All this snow talk got me thinking how excited I am for Spring weather to finally grace us.  And what do I think of when Spring comes to mind?  Clothes…

Floral mini dresses like this one from Pom Pom Clothing are so cute, and would look great with a pair of tights.

Comfy tees are a must have.  I love the simplicity and the pocket detail of this tee from Pebby Forevee.

I am a slouchy jacket girl all the way.  LOVE this sweatshirt from FM908.

These floral shorts from Boodwah are an item that I totally wish I could pull off, but I am content to admire them from afar.

And I think everyone should own a pair of sparkly Oxford flats – if I didn’t already have a pair, I would definitely go to Golden Ponies for them.

I’m so excited to try new things with my current wardrobe – it’s always fun to change it up with the seasons.  My prediction is that my gold sparkly flats will make it out of the closet on a regular basis.

What is your favorite Springtime clothing item or outfit?