I know this much is true.

I’m taking a slight break from the wedding talk to show you a few other things today because I still have yet to sort through my photos from the wedding(I didn’t get much and what I did get isn’t great).  Good news though, I think Stephanie will be resuming wedding talk tomorrow – so there you go.

We have been having weather in the negatives in Colorado lately and it is BITTER cold.  The sun is shining today though, yay!

This week, I’ve tried 2 tutorials from The Beauty Department (fantastic website!).

First, nails using reinforcement stickers.  See their tutorial here.

My results:

And today, with the help of a co-worker(because I’ve never French braided my own hair) I did this:

Tutorial for the Boho Braid here.

I love it!  Now I just need to learn how to French braid my own hair without my arms falling off from exhaustion!

I hope the snow melts soon because I’ve basically been living in my snow boots lately and I’d like to get out of them but I’m SO glad it is still scarf weather!