Etsy picks: The Brothers Bloom

This movie was a surprise.  I had the expectation that it was going to be a film I thought that I would love, and would end up hating because of poorly written dialogue and sub-par storyline.  For the record, I was wrong.  After watching it, I was giddy with excitement, and once again believed that movies can be more than good, they can be great.  There are too many favorite things to list (including the incredible score by Nathan Johnson – outstanding), but let me just say that I experienced the feeling of human touch through a scene where two of the characters are shaking hands goodbye and Bloom moves his thumb just under the edge of Penelope’s sleeve and…I could feel it…sitting there on my couch.  Amazing.  This week’s picks are inspired by The Brothers Bloom.  Here’s to many more moments of human touch through the screen.

May’s Etsy picks:

(dress from Thrush, peacock flask from Man Eating Flower, binoculars from Vintage Kitty, hand blocked fedora by Chrissy Callan, vintage shuffleboard set from Retro 2 Go Go, sugar dispenser from The General Cafe, Prague photo from Adelle Jean, Pin hole camera by Brian Barry, black cape from Animal Head Vintage)

Dae’s Etsy picks:

(Bowler hat from Vintage Pot Pie, Playing cards from Gypsee 16, Belgium waffles from Waffle Station, Banana seat dishtowel by Tiny Peepers, Half tint sunglasses from Apricot Baby Baby, Harp cutting board by Invention by Necessity, Leather boots from MayDae, Leather suitcase from Jill Ruth, Red gloves from Vintage Dame)