Etsy Picks: Saint Patrick’s Day

Hi there.  Hope you had an amazing and restful weekend!  Mondays can feel hectic and looong, but we hope that this little bit of visual inspiration helps you to get back into the swing of work.  This week we (the sisterly team of May & Dae) searched high and low through all of  Etsy to find the best of Saint Patty’s Day.  Remember elementary school days and all the kids who got pinched for forgetting to wear green (although very vehemently stating that they had green on their underwear)?  Do you give out pinches for green-less people?  C’mon, admit it.

Enjoy these amazing Etsy sellers and their fabulous contributions to this magical holiday:

Stephanie May’s Etsy Picks:

(four leaf clover dress by Kay em Kay, leprechaun photo by BacLori, green hi tops from Jess James Jake, top hat fascinator by Orphelia, slouchy bag from Saxiib, shamrock cookies by Crafted Cookies, pleated dress by Amour sans Anguish, kelly green scarf by Neck Lush)

Stormie Dae’s Etsy Picks:

(Kelly Dress by Michelle Tan, Mini bow headband by Janelle Haskin, 4 Leaf Clover Cookie Cutter from Sweet Estelle, Green Wool Hat from Bingo Box, Vintage Shamrock Sweater from Joie De Cleve, Confetti Eggs by Jokey Yokey, Vintage Emerald Isle Dress from Rose Red Winter, Lucky Charm Necklace by EarlyBright)