Good moods and Wednesdays.

Friday is not just the start to the weekend.  Friday is not just payday for me.

Friday is THE day.  My iPhone 4S will be waiting for me when I arrive home Friday evening.  I will try not to speed.

I have been trucking along on my iPhone 3G (that’s right, I said 3G…not even a 3GS) for almost two years now, and that is all about to change.  I am beyond ecstatic for my new phone – I know the speed will be incredible.  I will blink and everything I want it to do will be done.  Eeeeeep, I can barely contain my excitement!

Part of the fun in getting a new phone is getting to buy a new case.  Unfortunately (note sarcasm here), my old cover will not be compatible with the sleek shape of the new iPhone.  I’ve been browsing around for new cases and I can’t get over how much I LOVE wooden cases!

{Wooden iPhone case by Make For You}

{Black Stripe Faux Wood iPhone case from piimism}

I even came across some hilarious and super cool DIY projects to jazz up your case:

DIY embroidery anyone?  {Connect Design}

LOVE this painted wooden case!  {Laura Burkhart}

As much as I love those, I can say with almost complete certainty that a wooden case wouldn’t last me longer than a week.  I know I would break it immediately.  That said, Otterbox (who I love!) came out with the prettiest new colors of their Commuter Series.

Delicious teal, how I love thee.

Today has been a good day – I got my review at work which went really well, I get to hang with my students at youth group tonight – and I may have some other exciting news to share, but I’m going to keep that to myself until Friday and see what happens!

Happiest day!