Handmade ♥ from my girls

Tristan and I celebrated our 11th anniversary last week, and we spent the past 2 days in downtown Denver sleeping, eating,  shopping, and relaxing.  The kids (and Tuppy) stayed at my parent’s house, which is always a good time for them as they get to stay up late, go shopping, and spend lots of time being crafty and making a mess:)  Guini and Gemma surprised us with these beautiful handmade gifts for our anniversary – I am so in love with them!  Guini embroidered T + S inside a red heart, and Gemma sewed us a little heart pillow with her own art on the front and back.  I am so incredibly grateful that we have such thoughtful, giving kids – so sweet.  Thanks mom for helping them with these projects.  They are very talented little ladies:)