Let’s make a band

My kids decided to make a band yesterday – pots and pans for drums, and a couple guitars (one that was missing a string).  They jammed in the living room for quite awhile, and it made me want photos of the event.  I set up a “band area” in the living room this morning, and got out Tristan’s vintage accordion and an old snare drum that he has.  I also used my vintage Jaymar toy piano, and let the kids choose what they wanted to play.  It took some coaxing because 2 of the kids (who shall remain nameless) were having a bit of a bad attitude…but they finally warmed up to playing for the camera.  The drum was in pieces, so it wouldn’t really stay together, and the front of the accordion kept falling off.  Oh well.  As is real life.  These photos crack me up!  They are far from perfect, and some are blurry (I really need a new camera), but they are cute.  These kids are always cute.


Stephanie May*

P.S.  I can’t wait to see them play in a real band someday:)