New memories and tree disgust.

I can’t believe that the winter break for my kid’s school is starting in 10 days!  December will be over before we know it, and I am really trying to stop making lists, stop making goals, and even stop making gifts, and instead start making memories.  Will my kids remember my hours spent on making them a gift or shopping at Target for toys?  Or will they remember spending time with me – sitting in my lap, reading a book together, and eating a special meal with them?  I hope it’s the latter.

Last year Tristan and I decided to start a new Christmas tradition.  We made a big special dinner for just us and the kids.  No phones, computers, or other people were invited.  Just the 5 of us.  We made fancy food that we don’t usually eat – strawberry lemonade, burgers with onion and feta cheese, spinach artichoke dip, creamy pomodoro soup, and fried ice cream.  We lit candles, turned on music, and sat around the table eating and talking and smiling.  I hope that it was a night that my kids will always remember, and associate Christmas time with:)  I can’t wait for this year’s dinner!  What are your favorite Christmas traditions from when you were little?

Speaking of Christmas traditions – I am really disliking traditional Christmas trees this year.  Real or fake, I have no interest.  We set ours up in the living room, and it took me over a week before I could even put ornaments on it, and even then, I only put about 15 silver ornaments and cringed.  I really really want to take it down and build something like this:

Or this:

(Source & Source)

Aren’t they both so lovely?!  Does anyone want to make one of these for me this week?  Otherwise…I may or may not have a Christmas tree this year….would that be a horrible thing?