Thrift store, Eames, and a new color.

Most of my favorite possessions are from thrift stores or flea markets.  I get this rush of adrenaline when I find something that I know is worth a lot more money than I paid for it.  Digging through bins of junk to find something beautiful, perfect, and unique is a passion of mine.  I don’t see why anyone would want to go to the mall to shop for ordinary mass produced pieces when there are so many treasures to be found at the flea market.

When I found my Eames reproduction chairs at a thrift store last year, my heart started beating wildly.  They were sitting out in front of the thrift store – 4 of them, all lined up.  They were black, with Eiffel stands and covered in dust.  I immediately figured that they would be around $20 each(at least), but as I got closer, my eyes bulged out of my head as I saw the handwritten price tags randomly stuck to each – $4.  That’s right.  $4.  I was overcome with excitement, but also tried to look uninterested so as not to draw attention to my precious finds.  I hurried into the thrift store and waited impatiently as the cashier finished ringing up the customer at the counter.

Me – “I want to buy that set of black chairs out front.” (shoving my debit card at her)

Cashier – “Which ones?  Oh, those four?  Okay, but they are $4 each – not $4 for the set.”

Me – “Yes, I’ll take them – right now.”

Cashier – “Okay.  Do you want to get them now or after you are done shopping?”

Me – “I will definitely take them now.”

As soon as I paid, I bolted back outside and snagged two of the chairs hurrying to put them in my car.  After placing them safely in the trunk, I practically ran back to get the other two.  I had them.  They were now in my possession, and I was never letting them go.

I would really like to paint mine a different color, but haven’t been able to decide….

My Eames reproduction chairs are all black – even the Eiffel bases.  I think that they were originally white with silver bases.

I love the geometric print on the back of these.  By Mike Perry via Design*Sponge

A silhouette of an Eames Eiffel side chair on pine wood by The Bees Knees Designs.