Project ReStyle: Fringe Art

In case you missed it, MayDae is participating in Project ReStyle where we take unwanted, broken or used items and create something beautiful out of them.  If you want to participate, look here for the guidelines and join in on the fun!  Stephanie May and I will each be doing 1 per month – you can look at Stephanie May’s first project here – and today I get to show you my very first Project ReStyle.

Ready?  Okay! …and no I was never a cheerleader.

We have tons of fabric remnants lying around in our studio space that I decided to work with.  I am also very into fringe right now so I thought, ‘what better way to utilize our fabric than to cut it into fringe?’

I thought through a few ways I could use the fringe – and pulling from the inspiration of this fringed wall by ConfettiSystem, I decided to make my own fringe wall art.  I so wish I could do an entire wall – but I’m pretty sure that would take my entire life….yep, definitely would.

This project has definitely inspired me to do more fringe because I love it so much….I may just be putting fringe on everything from now on.  Don’t forget to let us know if you decide to participate in Project ReStyle, we would LOVE to see what you come up with!

Love love!

Stormie Dae