Today is someone’s birthday ♥

Today is a special and important day – it’s Tristan’s birthday!  That’s right, every year on September 7th, we get to celebrate the fact that he was born.  And it is most definitely something to celebrate.  We started out the morning with a big breakfast, played games as a family, opened gifts, and tonight I am selflessly taking him out for seafood (I’ll have the chicken please).  Every year it feels like I need to do SO much more than I’m doing for his birthday because of how amazing he is.  He deserves the biggest, most expensive gifts, a giant 5-tier cake full of money, a marching band to play his favorite songs, hot air balloon rides, and fireworks at the end of the night.   But even if I could give him all these things, I know that it still wouldn’t come close to measuring how fantastic and overwhelmingly great he is.  I love this man.tristan and stephanie black and white 2001 2013 love

This is the 13th birthday that I’ve been able to celebrate with him.  The top photo is of us in 2001 (yes, we both had lip rings – eee gad.), taken shortly after he turned 21, and the bottom photo was taken earlier this week.  I’m still just as happy and in love and full of smiles now as I was then:)

I love you forever honey!  Happy Birthday.

Stephanie May