You are the brightest diamond

This is Guinivere.  Her friends call her Guini.  She is my second baby, and she is turning 6 on Saturday….yup.  SIX.  I can hardly believe it myself!  She’s also starting 1st grade in a few weeks, which is totally weird because she will be at school  Yikes – I’m gonna miss those freckled cheeks all day.

Guini loves ramen noodles, horses, nail polish, and a slew of movies and tv shows.  I think she would watch tv all day if we let her.  She’s my cuddle-bug and and she can be extremely talkative, or extremely quiet.  She loves to laugh at her big brother’s jokes, and play “mama” to her baby sister.


This is a unicorn that Stormie made for Guini for Christmas.  She loves it:)

I offered to let Guini borrow my little horse ring- she was excited:)

We put some purple streaks in her hair – she looks adorable with them!

See the purple?  Nail polish to match of course.

Guini is beautiful.  She is caring and sweet and sometimes fiesty.  She is a skinny-minny with a big appetite (lucky girl), and loves a good nap.

I love her!  I will share more about her actual birthday next week – it’s going to be a busy busy weekend!


Stephanie May*  (a.k.a – Guini’s mom)