And you just keep on getting closer

A few random questions and answers about me (Stephanie May):

Your hair: needs to be cut

Your Favorite Food: rice, toast, pasta….carbs – ha!

Your Dream from Last night: hmmmmmmm

Your Favorite Drink: Vanilla Latte (simplicity is bliss)

What Room Are You In? Living Room

What is Your Fear? little teeny mice (or any mouse really)  eeeeek!

Favorite Sound: Tristan’s music, my kid’s I love you’s:)

Where Were You Last Night? At my parent’s house for Christmas baking

Something You Are Not: patient

Muffins? Yummmm

Last Thing You Did? Had coffee and a cookie:)

What Are You Wearing? Long sleeve grey t-shirt, navy sweats, & a comforter

Your TV? Is not a flat screen.

Missing Someone: People in Minnesota (you know who you are)

Your Mood: Reflective and a little….ehhhh…

Something You’re Not Wearing: Shoes, makeup

You’re Best Friend? Tristan (always), my sisters

Last Time You Laughed: with my kids:)

One Place You Go Over and Over: Thrift store.  Favorite.

One Person Who Emails Me Regularly: Stormie Dae & Tristan & Mom & Dad (I get too many emails)

Favorite Place to Eat: House of Kabob (Lebanese/Persian)

Recent happy moment: hugging Tristan today in the kitchen (always makes me happy).

That was fun!  Did you learn anything new about me?  :)