My morning cup

Yeah…you know already.

I have to have coffee every day – yes it is an addiction and I don’t really feel bad about it:)

My first cup of coffee in the new house – yes, I’ve been taking silly “milestone” photos like these

I love making coffee.  The entire process makes me happy – the sound, the warmth, and definitely the smell.  It’s the smell of morning and afternoon and evening and friends and food and fresh air.  Stephanie May and I usually end any family function with a pot of coffee and that is one of my favorite times.  I’m not only about frou-frou Starbucks drinks (although I do LOVE those), I like plain old brewed coffee too….with cream and sugar of course.

Lately though, I’ve been on a caramel macchiato making kick.

My little Mr. Coffee espresso maker has served me well for 6+ years (thanks Tristan and Stephanie May!).  I think it has seen more use in the past 2 weeks though than it did in all those 6 years…I was a little intimidated by it at first but now I love using it and my caramel macchiatos are oh-so-delish (plus they are saving me money which is always nice).

I was looking through my Facebook photos last night and noticed that I have A LOT of photos of me with coffee in my hand…I never realized how many times, not planned, that I have coffee in photos.  These are just a couple but there are LOADS more…I am curious now to go through all my thousands of photos from past years and see how many there are.

The ones that really make me laugh are all the photos of me with coffee, even in Venezuela – which has some GREAT coffee, by the way:)

Eventually, I may need to buy a better espresso maker…I’ve got my eye on one from Starbucks…but I’m just waiting for a 98% discount because I could be wrong, but I think $3000 is slightly too much to pay for an espresso maker…

Mmmmmmmm coffeeeeeeeeeeeee


Stormie Dae