Fall drinks to warm your soul

Cool weather means warm drinks.  Literally – if you  look “cool weather” up in the dictionary (because they’re putting phrases in there now), it says:

cool weath·er [kool weth-er] noun

1. warm drinks

Okay, that was a lie.  Obviously though, we all drink more hot drinks when the weather is cool than any other time (except coffee, there is always coffee – anytime of year).  I’ve been drinking hot chocolate like a crazy person the past couple of days because I’m not ready to turn my heat on quite yet but it’s been getting pretty chilly at night.

Here are a few recipes I want to try to change it up:

{Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate}

Salt – yes.  Caramel – yes.  Hot – yes.  Chocolate – ummmmm…maybeeeee – okay YES.

{Cinnamon Vanilla Pear Milk}

The fact that “milk” is one of the title words freaks me out a little (was never a milk drinker) but this seems light and fresh.


Purely because I’ve been reading the Harry Potter books – and I legit want to try this.

{Hot Dr. Pepper Tea} or {Mulled Dr. Pepper}

Dr. Pepper and me?  We’re like this.  (You can’t tell but I’m crossing my fingers right now, pretending they are hugging).  How have I never tried it hot?  This one is a must for me this year.

What is your favorite Fall drink?