Busy days

We celebrated my youngest daughter, Gemma’s birthday on Sunday afternoon.  It finally stopped raining here in Colorado, and we were able to enjoy the whole afternoon at the park without a single raindrop.  Lots of swinging, a game of tag, yummy lemon-poppyseed cake (with white chocolate hearts) made by my mom, and tons of goldfish crackers, grapes, and pizza made up the party.  Gemma’s heart dress is from Target, and her redhead necklace is from Forever 21.  I loved how the cake turned out – the pink heart is supposed to represent Gemma:)

She is 4 years old now, and she wants everyone to know it.  Yesterday (her actual birthday), she kept saying that she didn’t have to clean or do things she didn’t want too because it was her birthday.  Heehee – sounds a little like me:)  Happy Birthday Gemma!  Mama loves you:)

Last Friday, my daughter, Guini graduated from Kindergarten!  We were so proud of her – she did an amazing job at school this year, and I can’t believe that she will be in full-day next year!  Love you Guini!  How cute is she in her vintage Polly Flinders dress?!  And the graduation gowns were SO cute:)

Here’s to birthdays, graduations, and last days of school.


Stephanie May*