Sneaky peeky – in the most appropriate way.

Good morning friends!  I am a packing maniac lately and have had little time otherwise to think about anything else.  My closing is one week from tomorrow…eeeeeeeeek!  My hair has been in desperate need of a dye job and I decided it needed to be done before the big move…pictures, you know?

I used to change my hair color every couple of months, but for whatever reason the last 2 years I have kept it mostly black.  I have added bleach sections, reds and also went through my blue phase, but for the most part – my hair has been black.  It is the longest I have ever kept my hair one color…and I am kind of over it.  I love my dark hair, and I don’t think I will EVER go back to blonde like I’ve done in the past – trust me, it’s not a good look for me – but I’ve been wanting to do something different with my hair for a few months now.  I decided that other than black, red has always been one of my favorite hair colors and that I wanted to make the move back to it.  Obviously getting all the black out of my hair was a task and one that I didn’t exactly succeed completely at.  My goal was to try for the ombre look with my hair and I actually kind of love how it turned out – thanks mom;)

I think in a few months I will give it a go again and try to get more of the dark black out so it’s mostly just shades of red…but for now, I am really excited to have a fresh new hair color for my move next week.

Yep…me likey.

As Stephanie May mentioned yesterday, we are very excited for the Spring weather so that our photo shoots are easier…those Winter months almost killed the models.  I am always hot so the cool weather doesn’t bother me, but there’s nothing worse than lots of wind and freezing models to make a shoot difficult and rushed…just saying.  We were so excited this past weekend to be able to shoot a few new dresses for our Etsy shop and lucky you, I wanted to show a little sneak peak of a couple of them:

Awwww, so cute!  We had so much fun with this shoot…dresses are pretty much the best…and vintage ones are even better.  We were minus our other sister, Tara(boooo) – but sister shoots are really fun and I’m excited to do more in the future.  We will hopefully have these dresses and a few others up in our shop in the next couple of days as well as other items, so be looking out for them!


Stormie Dae