Project ReStyle: Ruched skirt

MayDae is officially participating in Project ReStyle, and we are uber-excited!  Project ReStyle means taking unwanted, used, or even trash items and creating them into something beautiful or usable.  Click here to read the full guidelines and maybe join us for some creating?  Stormie Dae and I will each be doing 1 ReStyle every month in 2011, and posting them right here on our blog.  And guess what?  I get to show you my first one today!

I decided to take a vintage men’s shirt, and make it into a designer-inspired skirt.  I got the shirt at a thrift store (I really liked the print), and did some cutting and sewing, and…I kind of made things up as I went along, so I don’t have an official tutorial for you this time:)

The skirt on the right was my inspiration.  The look is by Timo Weiland, and it’s from his Winter 2010 collection.  LOVE.  And, as an added bonus, my new teal ear muffs matched perfectly.  Double LOVE.

This project was so fun – I can’t wait to try another one next month!  Please let us know if you decide to join Project ReStyle – we’d love to be inspired by what you come up with:)

All photos of me taken by Tristan Kelley on a cold, cold day (thanks honey!).


Stephanie May*