Lace face

Lace is my current eye-candy.  I have a folder filled with pictures of things made from or decorated with lace.  I can guarantee this will be nowhere near my last post about it.  From stockings to dresses and tablecloths to curtains, lace does them all perfectly.  It can be either delicate or edgy, so why not do lace on your face?

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have lace eyelashes.

I want to see the world through lace covered glasses.

Lace is wonderful as an accessory or decoration on your face or over your eyes, but as make-up?  Even better.

Yes please.

(Love lace by MAC, Lace from Dior, Eyelashes from Lena Erysheva, Chanel sunglasses, Lace make-up from Chrissy Piper, Eye by Loli-rot, Self portrait by Never Let Me Go)