I’ve run out of clever ‘tights’ titles.

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I started out looking for DIY ideas for the Fall season – but then I stumbled across a delicious pair of DIY embellished tights, and it was all over from there.  This will not be the only post concerning the sheer beauty of leg covering for this incredibly chilly season as Stephanie May and I have already talked about tights here, here and here.  It’s a weakness, it absolutely can’t be helped.

On my list of things to do this Fall is to embellish some tights with pretty things.  I found these awesome tutorials:

Super sparkly embellished tights DIY

Beaded tights DIY                                        Painted hearts DIY

Bridal trim DIY                                                 Miu Miu swallow tights DIY

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I think the above tights would be way too hard as a DIY…these are just tights I wish to own:)  I am so excited to pull out my tights and start wearing them more – especially since I have recently acquired a few new dresses that they will go perfect with.

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I ♥ Fall.