I want to be lazy.

Today just feels like one of those days…a lazy day.  I am enjoying my caramel macchiato while trying to push off the sleepiness I so desperately want to give in to.  I know I took 3 days off work – but seriously…I need the weekend!  In honor of my lazy mood, here are some pics I like from my trip to visit my cousin – what can I say, I like shoes and I couldn’t pick which of these I liked more.  Which one is your favorite?

For your enjoyment, here is a picture of me…HEYO!!!

And just to be super random(because this post is already topping the charts for randomness) – here are some lovely photos that I am crushing on today:

That’s all I got folks, it’s not a lot – but it’s my life.  Sort of.

Happy Random Friday and welcome weekend, I love you!