I turned 32

It’s been over a month and I’m just finally posting about my birthday – ooopsy:)  Better late than never right?  I had a great birthday as always, full of paleo treats (and a couple non-paleo ones), yummy coffee, and lots of time with my favorite people.

On my actual birthday, the kids were in school, so I envisioned my day to go something like this:   I’d sleep in, have breakfast in bed, take my time getting ready (which I love to do), and then head out on a day-date with Tristan.  My plans were a little bit foiled when I found out that Gavin was receiving an award at the school on that morning….at 8:30 a.m.  Yikes.  Of course I wanted to attend the awards ceremony but I just wasn’t too keen on the early wake-up call.  But of course I went, and was SO proud of my boy –  I just made SURE that he knew how much it meant that I loved him to get up early on my birthday;)
my 32nd birthday stephanie may
my 32nd birthday stephanie may
After the awards ceremony, I did have a yummy breakfast of paleo smoothie, bacon, and coffee made by my love and I took my time getting dolled up for our date.  We headed to the mall for a little shopping, then we went to visit a paleo bistro in Denver that I had been wanting to try called Mmm Coffee.  We got the yummiest paleo treats there – an almond milk latte,  chocolate chunk pumpkin bar, jelly-filled cupcake, and paleo granola.  It was all incredibly good and I’m so glad that we got to try it – I will definitely be back!  We then headed to Whole Foods to get even more paleo treats (hey, it was my birthday – right?!) to have during the movie we were going to see (which we both LOVED – so good!).  After the movie, we browsed through books and vinyl and took a slow walk through old Denver neighborhoods talking about dreams and plans (don’t you love those talks?) and a few photos of me to mark my 32nd year.  We ended the date with a yummy lebanese dinner (our favorite) where we endulged in basmati rice and a little bit of housemade pita bread (both not-paleo, but oh-so-good!).  It was like, the best day – I love remembering it even now:)
my 32nd birthday stephanie may my 32nd birthday stephanie may my 32nd birthday stephanie may
paleo birthday dessert almond butter fudge coconut milk whipped cream berries
A few days later, I had a joint-birthday party with my older sister Tara at my parent’s house – we both have May birthdays, and the whole family was there.  My sweet sister Tredessa made me a special paleo birthday dessert – almond butter fudge with coconut milk whipped cream and berries.  It was DIVINE – so so good.  I had such a great birthday and a really awesome start to my 32nd year.  Thanks to all of my wonderful friends and family for making it so special!  <3