Hello old friend!

It has now officially been 7 days since my last post.  Remember when I said I would update every once in awhile with photos?  Well…I’m a liar.  Remember when I said I was going to be very busy working for a music festival this weekend?  Well….that was true.  This year I had the privilege of working with the photo and video team for the festival – amazing group of people, I tell ya.  I LOVED my outfit for the festival, but I was way too tired all day to take many photos so I don’t think I ever got one of my full outfit which bums me out.  I also didn’t get many photos in general, so this is just what I could find on my camera and since it’s been so long, I have quite a few photos for you from before Saturday – this is my week in a nutshell:

My mom and I were working on a backdrop for a photo booth at the festival.  Hot glue + Stormie = no bueno apparently.  I literally squeezed out a HUGE circle of glue on this thing and proceeded to put my thumb right in it.  Of course I had no ice water nearby so I had to wait for it to burn my finger while cooling down so I could take it off with my other hand.  I almost cried…almost.  Then I iced my finger for 2 hours and since it was still hurting, I wrapped it in black duct tape and pickled it with aloe.  Problem solved.

I admit it, I am an over-packer.  But this time I did really good with not over-packing on clothes.  Accessories, that’s a different story.

I had to get all of my work done for the festival before Thursday last week except for set-up the day before so when I got off work early on Thursday, I was able to walk around the festival grounds and take photos – the sun was so gorgeous and it was very relaxing.

My sister and I were doing some data entry on Friday and it was scorching hot but we already had loads of water and needed the caffeine so our sweet dad picked us up some Dr. Pepper(best drink ever) and ice…so nice.

This is the most beautiful piece of equipment I’ve ever seen…and I got to touch it.  Yes, you should be jealous.  It’s called a Steadicam and one of my video team members(Payton) owns it – he is the most talented 16-year-old I’ve ever met.  Actually, he is the most talented camera man I’ve ever met, period.

Last minute details on Friday night to prepare for Saturday, the big day.

Part of my video team – these guys rocked it!  And that’s Payton in the middle, with his Steadicam.

My niece and I, before I lost all energy to the sweltering heat of the day…she apparently was not in the mood for photos.

This is the backdrop that was out to injure my poor thumb.  We made it with plastic tablecloths and it was for our official photo booth at the festival.  This is my Media Manager, Chris(also my tattoo guy) testing out the natural light, which looked awesome btw.  I don’t know, I think he kind of liked the photo booth, don’t you?

Just taking a little break in the golf cart.  By this point in the day I was completely unable to hold coherent conversations with anyone…I was a little loopy for sure.

And my feet were dirty…really dirty:

This is at about 1:30am on Sunday after the festival…gotta be honest, I didn’t feel like I looked as horrible as I felt at that exact moment…the festival was so much fun and everything ran so smoothly, best year yet out of the 4 years we’ve done it, for sure!  Did you get to make it out to the festival?  What was your favorite part?

Love love

Stormie Dae