Etsy picks: Robin’s egg blue

A change of weather is coming, so the team of MayDae will start making our to-do lists and getting into project mode.  Every Monday night the two of us – May and Dae, get together to work on our latest concoctions, swap new ideas, and generally talk and laugh and have a merry time.  We have taken to calling it Project Monday, although tonight we are unable to have it due to a meeting and a family member being in town for only one more night.  Alas, Project Monday will turn into Project Tuesday this week, but I think it will be fruitful and satisfying anyway.  That being said, today, on this non-Project Monday, let’s stop, take a deep breath, push those deadlines one step into the future, and enjoy the small things in life.  This weeks’ picks are all about robin’s egg blue.

May’s Etsy Picks:

Gorgeous clip on earrings.

Blue Mason jars are perfect in every way.

Needle felted bird play set.

Handmade ruffle bag.

(Crochet dress from Tavin Shop, Melmac cups from Oh Boy Vintage, earrings from The Pearl Poodle, Ball Mason jar from Finding Fabulous, owl family necklace by Made With Clay and Love, apron from Vera Vague, fan from Emily Lynch, bird play set by Owl and Ellie, Pyrex bowls from The Fancy Lamb, ruffle bag by Stacy Leigh)

Dae’s Etsy picks:

Rice would be 10 times more delicious in this(if that’s possible)

This reminds me of Taiwan

Robins egg in the literal sense

Coffee, tea or even water want to be held in this cup

(Vase from Red Hot Pottery, Chair photo from Of Nature, Rice bowls by Deb Babcock, Journal from The Fancy Lamb, Serving platter from Page Pottery, Knit hair bow by Textile Ruth, Eggshell by The Garden Barn, Toddler shirt by La Marquise des Anges, Teacup from Ecolemancruz, Polka dot mini from VonlenskaVintage)