Etsy picks: Birds of a feather

Spring is in the air and the team of Maydae is so excited for the warmer weather and everything that comes with it.  New life, the smell of flowers and listening to the beautiful songs of birds are on our list of fun things for this time of year.  To brighten up your Monday morning a bit and at the request of a dear friend, our picks of the week are all about the birds of the air!

May’s Etsy Picks:

This is so cute.

Hitchcock themed shoes.

Vintage birthday candle holders.

Handmade bird bowl.

(“Bird Attack” dress by Lyane Lind, pillow by Nestle and Soar, guitar print by Barking Bird Art, Hitchcock Moccasin by Darling Tonia, candle holder from Shop At Geri’s, cookies by Sugar and Flour, strapless mini dress by Les Enfants Sauvages, lacy bowl by Prince Design UK, silhoutte bag by Pesky Cat Designs)

Dae’s Etsy picks:

I want to take this little birdie on lots of road trips with me.

There are so many things I love about these leggings but my favorite part are the ties at the ankle

Don’t you just want to squeeze him(even though he is made of clay)?  Oh…and I have unofficially named him Sylvester.

(Obi belt by Elysium, Paper bird by Cotton Bird Designs, Vintage flats from Roundtrip, Bird necklace from Sparkle Peach, Owl wing headband by Sleepy King, White and black leggings from Malu, Orange neckwarmer by Sesiber, Wedding cake toppers from Red Light Studio, Bird tights by Tattoo Socks, Clay sparrow by AdoroMe)