Learned creativity

My oldest, Gavin is learning about the Revolutionary Way in his 4th grade class.  They were told to re-create one of the battles in some sort of visual way, and he chose to do a diorama of the Battle of Trenton.  My dad loves this sort of thing (and he is really really good at it), so Tristan and I were more than happy to have him help Gavin with it:)

They used real rocks, tree limbs, and twigs, and created the snow using dry wall mud and canned “snow”.  The houses are made out of styrofoam, and each of the soldiers were hand-painted by Gavin and I (here’s what they looked like “before”).  We considered using the regular army guys that you can buy at the dollar store, but they weren’t the correct period, and well, we can’t be having that! ;)

I just love all of the attention to detail that they put in.  Each soldier was placed in a specific way.  Each rock wall was built pebble by pebble.  It turned out so much better than I ever imagined!  Thanks Dad for all of your help – you are a genius!  And Gavin, you did an amazing  job – so proud of your hard work!