I got nothin

Has this been a super weird week for anyone else?  Just so…weird.

It’s been a week when, everytime  I try to write, just – nothing.  Blogging, emails – everything…I don’t feel like I can articulate any of the thousands of thoughts running through my head.  Even things as small as text messages have felt like too much to take on.  All week I would tell myself that as soon as I got home from work, I was going to sit down at the piano and try to write a song.  You know how far I got?  I didn’t.  Failed attempts and weird melodies didn’t add up to anything.  Maybe the strangest part about it is that it’s not really a frustrating thing to me.  I’m fine with it not happening ‘just so’ this week – it’s okay that it’s weird.  Sometimes I think life is just odd, feelings and thoughts can’t be pinpointed – and we go on.

Maybe next week won’t be so weird?

Oh and…sorry for this weird post.  You should go look at Stephanie’s cute family in the previous two posts:)