Hot like fire

You know what is sort of the best?  Taking a whole series of photos in a rush and not realizing until the next day that most of them turned out like this:

I could put together an entire photo album of blurry pictures I’ve taken of myself.  Such is life.

This weekend I slept, cleaned my house and dyed my hair.

It’s not often that I do something to my hair that I immediately wish I could take back.  I usually just throw some dye in of a general color I am going for and let it do it’s thing.  I’m not concerned with the color being even or exactly the same throughout – I actually like it to take on different tones and shades to give it more depth.

As laid back as I am about my hair, this is not what I was going for.  I usually have to keep my hair a little on the darker side because I have such naturally dark eyebrows (and anyone who suggests I dye my eyebrows will get kicked…you should NEVER dye your eyebrows…just sayin).

I am actually completely fine with the unintentional ombre affect and different shades to my hair.  This was actually the first time in my life that I ran out of dye mid-session and had to get creative with semi-permanent ultra bright reds to fill the gap.  I guess my hair is finally getting longer!  The issue I am having – which I thought would be overcome given a few days to get used to it – is how light it is.

Stephanie May just dyed her hair recently too and went to a lighter shade of red than she normally does.  When I sent her a photo of my hair, she jokingly asked, “Are you copying me?!”…I wasn’t trying to.  But I think I sort of did.  Oops!  Either way, I will be changing it tonight or tomorrow – trying to go back to a darker but still vibrant red.  Wish me luck!