PetSmart Giveaway Winner!

Thanks so much to all of our readers that entered in our Martha Stewart PetSmart Giveaway!

The randomly selected winner (courtesy of is:

Rachel McDowell
“Alright Tuppy, share the wealth with me and my pooch Ella! Ella needs a new Bunny…I didn’t tell you this, but her bunny is a wee bit ratty and nasty! It’s kinda embarrassing when she goes to the dog park and Bucky the bunny goes…he has one eye missing, his left ear chewed off, and he is stinky too! But that is her baby and PetSmart doesn’t carry them any more :(……Ella needs a new “cute” bunny and a pink bowl also! That way her dog park friends will not talk about her behind her back any longer!!”

Congrats Rachel!  We hope that you and Ella enjoy your new puppy products!  :)