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I love photography and this page has some examples of photos I have taken.

Silly billies ♥

I apologize in advance for the ridiculous amount of photos in this post.  BUT, I already narrowed them down from 259 to 27.  Don’t ya think that’s pretty good? Confession:  ^^These are my favorite people….and also, we can be really big goofballs sometimes. I love…

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Weekend trip

Tristan and I took the kids up to Evergreen, CO on Saturday.  My friend had given us a voucher to take 2 boats out on Evergreen lake (thanks Ali!).  The kids were SO excited (and a little nervous at first) and loved taking turns in…

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I take a lot of photos with my camera…and sometimes I forget about some of them, or they just never make it into a blog post.  I’ve decided to start posting more of my “random” shots.  They may not have a big, inspirational story behind…

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Hiding out till Fall

I love fall.  I’ve been impatiently waiting to pull out my tights, sweaters, scarves, boots and hats.  I can’t wait to go walking in the snow, sip hot coffee, and watch my breath as it billows out in an icy swirl. Come quick fall –…

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Colorado family time

This week has been filled with lots of family.  First, Tristan’s parents came out from Indiana and spent a few days treating us to many meals and a chance to do some touristy stuff around Colorado:)  I hope they had a good time – I…

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Little tiny ♥

A couple weeks ago I got to take photos of my friend Raeann’s new baby boy – Jack.  Isn’t he the sweetest?  This was my first time doing a newborn photo shoot – other than my own kids, and let me tell you, I have…

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Paris: Where we slept

I’m back today with more photos of our trip to Paris!  As I told you before, we used AirBNB to book our rooms, and this is what our Parisian flat looked like: Let’s start with the stairs.  The flat was a SIX floor walk-up.  Yup,…

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We went to London {Part II}

One of the things I knew I wanted to do in London was visit some of their open-air markets.  Tristan and I visited the Borough Market one day, and it was amazing! The market is located underneath the southern end of the London Bridge (how…

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We went to London {Part 1}

We got back from our Europe trip a few days ago, and we had the best time!  London was first, and it was so good to be back! See?  Happiness!  The weather was in the 50s and 60s (my FAVORITE weather!), and rainy for parts…

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Monochromatic Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!  This is my second favorite holiday (next to Christmas), and this outfit that was SUPER fun to wear.  I mean, what other day can you wear a red coat, red hat, red lips, and red hair all on the same day?  Not…

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