You’re my valentine.

I hope you won’t mind that I’m using today’s post as a little love letter to my husband.


Dear Tristan,

I just want to say, thank you for being my valentine for the past 11 years.  Whether we go out, stay in, eat cheap, or have a fancy dinner, it’s always the best time.  You treat me like the most deserving girl in the world.  And even though I’m not the most deserving (quite far from it), you never ever treat me any other way.  You give me time when I need it, compliments when I feel horrible about myself, and encouragement when I’m scared (to death) of trying something new.  You don’t put me into a metaphorical “box” and you don’t assume that you know everything about me.  You still take the time to learn about me and where I’m going.  You never tell me that there are things that I can’t do, or goals that I won’t reach.  You dream big dreams for me when I don’t have the confidence or imagination to do it on my own.

I love our marriage.  No, it’s no perfect, but it’s right.  Our marriage is growing, changing, evolving, and moving.  I love and adore being your wifey.  I love that you kiss me and hug me several times throughout the day.  That you text me, call me, talk to me, shower me with attention and affection, apologize when you’ve been wrong, and forgive me when I’ve screwed up yet again.  I love that after 11 years of marriage, you still try.

Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet husband.  You’re kinda the best.  And I love you.

Stephanie May*