You have grown

This is a photo of me from about an hour ago.


To cut or not to cut?  That is the question.

2 hair inspirations:


Jenny Lewis

Hair.  It can be lovely and troublesome all at the same time:)

On Sunday evening, Stormie and I took some new photos for our blog!  We will be making some small changes in the look and feel of the blog, and hopefully will have those changes made in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out:)  We won’t be showing you the photos until we get them done though (right Stormie?).

Today I need to work on more Etsy listings for both MayDae and Fibbie.  We’ve got a bunch of new stuff for MayDae, so I should be getting those all listed today and tomorrow (btw, I am telling you this so that I will actually do it)!


Stephanie May*