Liquid Joy

You know us.  We love coffee.  It’s something that Stephanie & I literally cannot go a day without.  It’s not just the caffeine (although those nasty headaches we get without it don’t help) – it’s really everything about it.  The temperature, the aroma, the way it feels as it permeates your entire body.  Alright, I may be taking it a little too far – but coffee is lovely, and anyone who thinks differently is a tad silly in my eyes.

For the past few months, Stephanie and I have been talking about doing a coffee tasting to find some new flavors.  You know how you get stuck on one kind and never really venture outside of that?  We really want to try and give other coffees a chance – and I think there are probably some really great undiscovered flavors out there just waiting for a taste.

These are not “undiscovered” per se but on my list of must tries are:

Blue Bottle Coffee Co. – Three Africans seems to be a very popular flavor.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters – are they joking right now with their baristas? …uhhh, hello.

Handsome Coffee – this is at the top of my list, I can’t really resist the name…really.

So now is where I need your help.  I am hoping to order some of the three coffee brands above, but what else should we add to our tasting list?  What is your favorite kind of coffee – anything is fair game…unless we have to travel to the mountains of Argentina to find it – that may prove to be a little difficult.

Who knows, if we decide to try some of the suggestions and one of them turns out to be our favorite – we may just send you a gift of gratitude…