My surprise

So….I got a tattoo last night.  And it is a big deal for me because it was my first one!  Oh, and I had NO idea that I was getting one.  Here’s how it happened:

My husband Tristan told me that he would be giving me another gift at my birthday party (which was last night).  I kept begging for clues because I can’t stand when he knows about something that I don’t.  He totally threw me off by telling me that my secret gift was “mostly white” and it had “wheels”.  Ummmm, okay??  A bike?  scooter?  Yeah, those were the only guesses I had.  So anyway, at the party, we had just eaten dinner, and the front door opened.  Stormie’s friend Chris walked in, carrying his tattoo equipment (yes, the same artist that did Stormie’s latest tattoo).  I was literally speechless.  I just stood there like a dork trying to figure out why he was there, and then he said “Happy Birthday” and I realized that he was there to tattoo ME!  I was freaking out…a little.  Time to make the big decision – and quick.  Luckily, Tristan had already told Chris exactly what I wanted – “I love you” in Tristan’s handwriting tattooed under my collar bone.

“Before” tattoo.

Tristan carefully writing “I love you” on the carbon paper.

Stormie helped us figure out the placement, and Chris applied the stencil.

I was SO nervous.  I had no idea if I could handle the pain or not, but I was about to find out.

Tristan held my hand when he first started – thanks honey!

The pain wasn’t bad at all (thank goodness!).  It just felt irritating more than anything.  The whole tattoo took about 10 minutes.


I love it SO much!  Thank you to Tristan for coming up with this amazing birthday gift!  And thanks to Stormie for arranging it, and of course Chris for doing the actual tattoo (he did such a great job!).

I will share more photos from my birthday party soon:)


Stephanie May*