My plans for 2011

Okay, before you get completely confused – I know we are 8 months into 2011.  However, I was just thinking the other day about my plans for this year.  My Non-New Year’s Resolution Resolutions that I wrote about back in December.  I am curious to see how I’ve held up with my list of hopes for this year, and I have to say – I’m slightly disappointed.  I think I’ve followed through with a lot less than I anticipated.  So as a reminder, these are the things that I didn’t place deadlines on but are my decisions about my life in 2011 and a look at where I’m at with them:

1. I decided that working on music is fun and not a chore

I have spent this year working closely with students and building a youth worship team at my church.  This has definitely been some of the most fun I’ve had and it’s also given me a chance to start singing, which is not something I’ve done for most of my life – at least, not in front of people.  It’s been a really good learning experience for me but I feel like I need to push myself more and step out of my comfort zone – not only with singing, but also with playing bass.

Honestly..I miss my bass.  I think I’ve neglected it a bit and put it on the back burner, relying on what I know about it from the past to get me through.  I want to spend more time with it and learn new things – I want to push myself musically which has been lacking in my life lately.

2. Sewing will be something that I work at and enjoy

This one has been a major fail for me.  Confession time here…my sewing machine is still at my parents house – it’s been there since I moved 5 months ago.  I haven’t sewed a stitch in months(pun completely intended).

3. I will no longer insist on working on something every second of every day

This one has been better for me…I’m learning to say ‘no’ to things and take more time for myself, which has been really good.

4. I will replenish my wardrobe with vintage and handmade pieces

I have been buying vintage dresses and skirts lately – but most of my vintage replenishing has been accessories and shoes…Hey – that counts!  Handmade?…see above – no sewing machine:)

5. I will learn more about photography, printmaking and graphic design

Photography I have definitely messed with a bit more than normal lately but that is still something I’m striving for as much as possible.  Haven’t touched printmaking – and I’ve actually been taking a little break from graphic design with the music festival taking over my life the past few months- but this is one of my latest undertakings…a book cover for my dad. 

6. Naps and rest will be my friends

My room is very good for this – although I’m still working on liking the naps.  I took one today actually and we didn’t really get along…I felt worse after waking up – but I guess it just is what it is…I’m trying.

7. This year I will buy a house and make it into a gorgeous hideaway

Done.  And working on it.  I did buy a house back in March – yay!  And I am constantly in the process of making it into my gorgeous hideaway…I absolutely adore my house – it’s my favorite place in the world – as it should be.

8. I have decided that this year will be a good year

It is.  It most definitely is.

It’s a work in progress.  I still have 4-ish months to accomplish all of these goals – I think I can do it, at least in part.  Now that I’ve written it out, I’m not as disappointed with my progress as I was at the start of this post…so that’s something I guess:)

Did you make any goals at the beginning of the year?  Where are you at with them?  I have so many new ideas running through my head right now – but I think I should table those for a few months…I’m discovering that contrary to my thoughts sometimes, I can’t do everything all at once.  Shocker, right?


Stormie Dae